Electronic Scoreboards and Sports Timing Systems

Electronic scoreboards and sports timing systems, the flagship brand of Quince electronics, have significant applications in World and European sport events. Quince sports timing systems comply with international regulations and cover a wide range of sports and all levels of competition.

Indoor Electronic Scoreboards

Complete range of electronic scoreboards, shot clocks and timing devices for indoor sports like basketball, handball, volleyball, futsal, wrestling, etc.

Outdoor Electronic Scoreboards

Outdoor and portable electronic scoreboards and video LED boards for athletics and outdoor sports like tennis, field hockey and football.

Swimming Timing Systems

Swimming timing system with timing computer, electronic touch panels, electronic starting blocks, swimming electronic scoreboards, etc.

Water Polo Timing Systems

Complete range of water polo electronic scoreboards, 30-sec electronic shot clocks, video LED screens and timing devices for water polo.

Colourful Video LED Screens

Full color video LED displays for sports arenas in several sizes and pixel pitch (P5mm, P8mm, P10mm). Instant connection with electronic scoreboards and timing systems.

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